Dark Lodge


Dark Lodge is the popular monthly cult movie series that has been a staple of the Ark Lodge Cinemas’ programming since 2013. The series is currently curated and hosted by Clinton McClung, a programmer for the Seattle International Film Festival and operator of Cinebago Events.

For more information and to keep up on everything we have planned, follow the Dark Lodge Facebook page.

Wednesday December 13, 8:00PM | Tickets Now On Sale! 
Collide-O-Scope presents

A special found footage night celebrating the wildest, weirdest, and Wookiee-est moments inspired by Star Wars, including classic toy commercials, musical numbers, rip-offs and parodies, and promotional appearances from the original cast members. | More Info



Thursday December 21, 8:00PM | Tickets Now On Sale! 
Dawn Davenport is here to ruin your Christmas in John Waters’ classic bad taste comedy. | More Info



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