Moose: The Movie

NR | 1 hr. 59 min.
Opened Wednesday, December 31st
Poster of Moose: The Movie
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It's the story of two park rangers in the tiny town of Gangrene Gulch, Alaska, who, with the help of a young coroner's assistant, must do battle with an ancient, mythological half-man/half-moose. Zack is the new ranger in Gangrene Gulch. It's a town populated with all sorts of odd folks including a pretty, young coroner's assistant; a violent, narcoleptic dispatcher; two slightly inbred tow truck drivers; a herd of hippies; several puppets; a mountain pirate; and a homicidal moosetaur. Zack, together with his crusty boss, Mike, as well as Samantha the coroner's assistant, start to notice a strange pattern with several recent moose trampling incidents. They quickly find themselves hoof-deep in supernatural chaos.


G. Logan Dellinger


Zack Lanphier, Wayne Mitchell, Chantel Grover, Joseph le Compte, Dave Nufer


Rated NR